▶ How to be a decent RolePlayer

A tutorial describing how to not be a tacky role player

How to be a decent RolePlayer
A Saintastic Tutorial


  1. Your Blog
  2. Out of Character
  3. How to get involved with other RP Blogs?
  4. Around your RPing itself

So, you love Fire Emblem (or insert your fandom here) and see all those cool Blogs just like mine that do role plays for their favorite character and wish to have one of those too?
Fret not! This Tutorial will help you be a good role player!

1. Your Blog
Your Blog is everyone’s first impression of you and your character! Of course it is a lesser important point, but something you should always be aware of.
So, how to create a good blog you ask?
There are just a few things you should keep in mind, so listen up:

  1. A fitting URL
  2. A clearly represented theme
  3. Good and Character related information

I will give you some examples to understand even better!
Starting with the URL, you should keep in mind that when you follow someone, they should be able to get an idea of who your character might be by reading the URL. Try to look for titles or nicknames given to the character in the game/show. Of course, as I’ve mentioned for the whole “Your Blog” topic, this isn’t that important, but makes you seem a little more reputable.
Good Example:
Your Character is Lute (FE8)
Possible URLS are bestmageofmagvel, strongandpowerfullute, lutetheprodigy

Your Character is Cirno (Touhou)
Possible URLS are strongestfairy, icedfrogs, icefairyofgensokyo

Bad Example:
Your Character is Clarine (FE6)
URLS I wouldn’t suggest are handsoffkleinorillcutyou, sweetpokemonlover

Your Character is Julius Belmont (Castlevania)
URLS I wouldn’t suggest are castlecrasher46,  draculawillkillyou

YOU GET THE HANG. But why are the bad examples exactly bad?
Because they are as good as completely unrelated to your character.

Next, the blog itself.  Try to keep it clearly represented.
Doing a good representation of your Blog is more important than you might think at first.  But always remember, many people who plan to RP with you, will look at your Blog and it’s just not nice being confronted with a clusterfuck of things.
You don’t necessarily have to spend hours on it, finding a super good theme, even the free standard themes work! Just try to make it look less tacky.
Try to avoid a repeating background picture. Even if you like the picture itself, it’ll look shitty if it’s fifty times as background on your blog. Try to find a nice repeating pattern, or go with a plain mono colour – important however is, try to pick a colour and pattern that suits your character.
Think about it like ‘How would my character decorate their room?’ Imagine your blog-background being their wall and choose by that.
It’d look rather awkward if a full grown man like Hector had a pink, floral pattern on their wall, wouldn’t it?
However it could suit a girl like Serra!

Let’s make a Blog for Cirno (Touhou)
She’s a cheeky ice fairy and her whole colour-scheme is blue.

Bad Example:

Good Example:

The good example isn’t the prettiest Blog either, but you’re taken more serious with a fluent look. And don’t tell me “But I can’t find nice pattern to use. :^(
I found the snow pattern after 5 seconds google search. You just have to look. And when things come worst, feel free to ask me for patterns, I’ll look for you.

However, also have an example of a blog I am particular proud of:

Look at that shit. Everything screams wild west – and that’s who this character is. Clay (Pokemon BW), a man dressed just like a cowboy.  The theme is simple, the background not too distracting, in the sidebar we find fitting western music (PLEASE TURN OFF AUTOPLAY) and a link for character information.

Which brings us to the next point:  Good and Character related information.

That being said, this point is actually the simplest and yet I find many people ignoring it.
First off: If you RP an OC, you MUST have Character information on your Blog! Arrange a link in your description that leads us to a post which briefly describes your character, or slap it in the sidebar description itself. It doesn’t matter whether your character is good or bad, very developed or not, just have it there.  No one wants to RP with someone we can’t get an idea of who they are.
If you want to be taken serious as RPer, don’t reblog just everything you like. You have a personal blog for these kind of things! Reblog things related to your character, that gives people a vibe of your character.

2.   Out of Character
This is a short and simple point. As mentioned in the last section about your Blog, don’t spam your blog with unrelated things! Just because you, the mun, likes something, doesn’t mean it belongs on your RP blog.
Keep OOC and Crack to a minimum. I know it’s fun and sometimes even necessary, but leave it to those two moments. Imagine if someone goes to your Blog and all they see is Out of Character talk – it’s hard for them to believe your Blog is actually meant for role play.

Also, don’t make daily OOC posts about how bored you are, how you are so badly in need for an RP partner etc. If it comes on a daily basis like this: NO ONE FUCKING CARES.

3.   How to get involved with other RP Blogs?
Well… How to interact with them? How do I get involved with other RPers and actually find partners to RP with? The answer is not, going to fireemblemrpconfessions and crying how you feel left out.
The answer is: You go find a Blog with a character you sympathize with and talk to them. Leave them a message in their inbox with a starter, or ask them if they’d like to RP with you. Follow them, they often follow back – you can then simply make a post how this character follows yours and write a starter from that.
Don’t expect others to just notice you, by having a Blog. Make them aware that you are willing to RP. You have the feeling the other’s character only interacts with Blogs from their continent? (You know, Elibe, magvel, Ylisse. Or for other fandoms that they only RP with people from their fandom?)
Maybe they just don’t know the other games? Fire Emblem in particular is a large game series with 13 games by now. Maybe this Eliwood RPer only RPs with Hector, Lyndis, Matthew and Rath RPers because they aren’t aware of characters like Abel and Cain? How is this poor Eliwood RPer supposed to know a character of a game they never played? Therefor how will they look for such RP blogs for interaction?
It’s YOUR job to go to this poor Eliwood as your Abel or Cain Blog and interact with them.
I have yet to meet an RPer who will say No just because you are not of the same game.  All you really have to do is put down your doubts and ask them if they’d like to RP. :^)

And you know what? If they say no, then that’d be fine too.
You shouldn’t just give up because one person would rather stay within their game.  It’s an opinion you have to accept. Sometimes writing styles don’t match up either and so your possible partner might ‘reject’ you. But that’s fine too, just fuck it and move on to find someone who matches your style.

4.   Around your RPing itself
Script or Paragraph? Fancy writing or simplistic writing?
Let me tell you one thing:



I heard many complaints how one feels not good enough to RP with someone – don’t even think about this. Your writing is great no matter what style of writing you’ve chosen.
So this RP Blog you like uses all these big words and writes long-ass paragraph RPs, while you do script, but you’d still like to interact with them?
Well, just do it. Styles are different, every person has their own style of writing and that’s what makes RPing so beautiful.  Maybe if it’s really such huge ‘world differences’ like big paragraphs and short script, try to write out scripted actions in sentences. It’ll make a big difference, believe me.

Or are you feeling unconfident because English isn’t your first language and you therefor don’t know all these fancy words? You don’t have to use fancy words to be a good RPer. In fact, RPing will help you learn and understand the English language even better. One day you may find yourself using words you never have heard about 2 months ago. And really, sometimes a simple English sentence is much nicer to read than one filled with big words no one knows about.

And last but not least






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